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Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.


Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.



Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.


Q: What is THE SUITE?
A:  THE SUITE is your guide to the luxe life - an all-access pass to the very *best* in local fashion, beauty and entertainment content. THE SUITE grants you access to exclusive events, luxury perks and special offers too. Because you belong where you always saw yourself. You belong at the top.

Q: Does THE SUITE belong to Brutal Fruit
A: Yes it does. THE SUITE is the lifestyle platform and content hub for the Brutal Fruit brand

Q: Why do you have to be over 18 to access THE SUITE
A: As THE SUITE is a Brutal Fruit brand, you may only access the website if you are of Legal Drinking Age.

Q: How do I log in or sign-up?
A: Simply click on the Register / sign in button on the top right hand corner and fill in your details - it’s that easy to be a part of the luxe life.

Q: Can I unsubscribe?
A: Instead of unsubscribing to our newsletter, let us know how we can make your SUITE experience better and bring the Luxe to your life. Should you still wish to unsubscribe, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the footer of your next email, alternatively, please email to let us know.  

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Don’t worry about a thing! In the login section, simply click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD and enter your email address. We’ll send you an email to reset your password and you can get back to browsing. 

Q: How do I enter THE SUITE competitions?
A: Sometimes the reward is just for signing up; sometimes it has to do with a larger competition; sometimes it’s about sharing your beautiful pictures. Most of the time, we just like giving you discounts to fabulous fashion and lifestyle brands. Each of our reward partners offers their vouchers and experiences exclusively to The Suite. Each reward has terms and conditions in its description, as well as information on how long it will be valid and what the steps are to redeem the reward.

Q: How do I contact customer care or THE SUITE?
A: If you would like to contact customer care for any SUITE related queries, simply find us by click on the ‘contact us’ link which can be found in the footer of the website or simply email:

A: AT selected SORBETS nationally  (will add list as soon as I get it)

A: R549.00 for 50ml

Q: Where can I see photos from BRUTAL FRUIT events?
A: See our gallery page on the website for the latest social event pictures. 

Q: How do I get to know about THE SUITE events?
A: Sign up to our newsletter for the latest event news and updates.

Q: What type of fashion, beauty and entertainment content does THE SUITE publish?
A: Think the latest fashion trends, influencer-approved styling advice, makeup how to’s, expert skincare advice, easy (but impressive) recipes, and the latest local hotspots you need to visit now.

Q. How often does THE SUITE publish new content?
A: Every week we post new content on our Instagram page - @thesuitesa – and every month we upload new content to the website, with influencer and celebrity endorsed advice.

Q. I’m an aspiring content creator. How do I get featured on THE SUITE?
A: We love hearing from you, so tag us in your photos @thesuitesa #TheSuiteEdit #YouBelongHere and we’ll repost our highlights on stories.

Q. What does it mean to be a member of THE SUITE?
A. Becoming a member of THE SUITE, by subscribing, offers you the best in the beauty and entertainment lifestyle. You will have front row seats at all Brutal Fruit events, discount codes to various brands, and access to exclusive masterclasses, all for only R49.99 once-off.

Q. How long is my membership for?
A. When you become a member, your subscription lasts for a full year (twelve months) from the day you join our sisterhood.

Q. How do I revoke my membership?
A. You can unsubscribe by clicking here. Your discounts and benefits will still be shared with you for the remainder of the year.

Q. What is the membership fee?
A. It only costs R49.99 once-off to become a member of the SUITE for twelve months.

Q. What benefits and discounts do I receive by being a member of THE SUITE?
A. You will gain access to Brutal Fruit events and competitions.
Exclusive discounts on selected premium brands.
Access to Masterclasses and Educational tutorials.

Q. Do I get free Brutal Fruit products as a member of THE SUITE?
A. Members may receive 6-pack vouchers for their birthday celebration.
Ts&Cs apply.

Q. Will I still get discounts if I cancel my membership?
A. Yes, once you become a member of THE SUITE, your discount codes and benefits will be valid for an entire year.

Q. Will I receive a refund when cancelling my membership?
A. If you cancel your membership, THE SUITE will still offer you all the benefits of being a member, therefore your fee will not be refunded.

Q. How do I make the payment?
A. To join THE SUITE sisterhood, please click here to access the payment gateway.

Q. Will my payment be secure?
A. Yes, your payment is secured via PayU. Click here for more information about our payment partner.

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