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Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.


Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.



Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.

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What is the up-and-coming star, Pamela Mtanga, really like? Find out that – and more! – in this behind-the-scenes look at her cover shoot for THE SUITE.


Our new cover star for THE SUITE is the online and on-screen personality, Pamela Mtanga. During our shoot, we got a glimpse of what this star is really like, and she didn’t disappoint! 


Want to know what went on behind the scenes when we shot Pamela Mtanga for THE SUITE? Here’s a sneak peek.


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06:10 am – Pamela caught the red-eye from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


08:25 – Pamela lands safely in Cape Town and heads straight to the studio, Hero Creative Studio, in vibey Woodstock. 


09:00 – The team has a quick breakfast of muffins and strong coffee when Pamela arrives on set. She goes straight into hair and makeup and is met with her requested morning drink: A chai latte.


10:00 – Out of the glam chair and into wardrobe, our cover star was dressed in a beautiful silver sequin dress from H&M, looking every bit like the star that she is.


10:30 – Lights, camera, action! The team started off shooting the rapid-fire Q&A and, after a short rendition of “Levitating” by Pamela, it was decided that Dua Lipa was to be the soundtrack of the day.


You can probably tell from her warm smile and electric on-screen personality that she is fun to work with. When we shot Pamela, she brought both positivity and professionalism to set. It’s obvious that this isn’t her first time in front of the lens and her energy was infectious – even after catching a really early flight.


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11:30 – On to the stills! This required an array of wardrobe and props, including retro TV sets, dial telephones, a Hollywood-style clapper board and lots and lots of arms! Everyone got involved holding props around Pamela and laughing about how this would be the start of many hand-modeling careers.


The colour palette for the shoot? Brights in every colour of the rainbow lined the wardrobe rails. This is one of the elements associated with the current trend – dopamine dressing – which is all about selecting shades to boost your mood. And it seemed to work on Pamela as her smile was lighting up the room! Her favourite looks of the day were the green puffy dress and the blue faux fur jacket. 


13:00 – The team took a well-deserved lunch break of burgers and fries – exactly what they needed for an energy boost going into the second half of the day!


13:30 – More photographs, images and fabulous, fabulous outfits. Despite the hard work, spirits were high and Pamela continued to shine in front of the camera. 


6:00 – Aaaand, that’s a wrap! Hugs were given all around as the team packed up, excited about results and already asking when we would shoot the next one.


Pamela Mtanga is #blessed with something we all wish we had – real star quality. This is evident from the memorable impression she makes. The camera loves her and so do we!


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