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Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

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Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.



Be a apart of THE SUITE and access the luxe life.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and come join us.

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I believe that our home vanities should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. My one inspires me to get ready in the morning and live out my Cinderella dreams. And so should yours!


I first came across the home vanity while watching movies and was *mesmerised* by how glamorous they made a space look. I knew I had to have one in my home and that's exactly what I did. Want to do the same? Here are my six tips to style yours.


Let your home vanity put the “fun” in functional! Here are six tips to style yours.


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#1 / Good Lighting is Key

When it comes to positioning, place your vanity close to your window so you can maximise natural light. This will make it easier to get ready in the morning (and nothing beats the sound of birds chirping while doing your makeup!). If you don’t have sufficient natural light, you can use a lamp.


TIP When you are buying a desk lamp, also look for blubs that emit a warm glow. This will help when you are doing your face beat!


#2 / Keep it Clean and Clutter-free

Your vanity should be a space that inspires you to get ready in the morning. As such, it should remain clutter-free and organised. Keep the things you use most on display close by. Use organiser drawers to store your makeup on top of your dresser and a tray to display some of your jewellery.


TIP I love clear acrylic oragniser drawers because they are a great way to keep things neat while still having them on display.


#3 / A Mirror is a Must-have

The mirror usually becomes the focal point of your vanity as it sits in the centre and ties everything together. Place your mirror on top of your dresser or hang it on the wall above your vanity. Placed strategically, mirrors can also make a space look bigger – an added bonus!


TIP If you’re investing in a tabletop mirror – a great renter-friendly option – look for one with additional storage or hanging space for your jewellery.


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#4 / Show Off Your Personality

Since you use your vanity every day, place items on it that lift your spirits. This can be a photo frame with one of your favourite pictures, a vase filled with fresh flowers and small decor items that speak to your aesthetic. This is a great opportunity to inject some colour into your space.


TIP Turn your fragrance collection into a statement piece by displaying the bottles on a mirror tray (or just a mirror!) for a chic look.


#5 / Choose Your Chair Wisely

When you are curating your home vanity area, be mindful of your seating. Your chair should be comfortable (good back support is key if you spend hours a day doing your makeup, and even more so if your vanity ever doubles up as a desk!) and fit the aesthetic of your room.


TIP If you have limited space, use an ottoman. They are easy to place underneath your vanity or in a corner when not in use.  


#6 / Make it Multifunctional

Yes, your dresser can be your get-ready place in the morning and your work area after breakfast! We don't all have the luxury of having a beauty corner and a home office. This is why you need to make sure your vanity is neat and tidy so it can be used for different purposes.


TIP Ensure that your space is always clear of clutter by adding one or more desk organisers to store things in when not in use.


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